Laissa team.

Laissa lawyers have extensive experience in various legal matters having worked both inside companies and in law firms.

Leea Vartia

I can help you with business arrangements, financing rounds and partnership arrangements. I have extensive experience in both international business transactions and domestic transactions of small and medium-sized companies. I am an experienced negotiator of shareholder agreements and exits. I have worked in Finland’s largest law firms and in the international Freshfileds Brcukhaus Deringer office in Singapore. I also manage business-related contracts. I have taken care of the personnel legal affairs of the companies and have been involved in leading the company’s co-operation negotiations. I am analytical, an experienced negotiator and drafter of contracts. In addition to two law degrees, I have also completed a master’s degree in philosophy.

I am a board member of the Heino Art Foundation and Lastenklinikonen Kummit ry.
Besides working, I take care of the well-being of two wheaten terriers, do sports and pilates and read. I actively follow visual arts and theater. Music and dance are important to me.

Jorma Vartia

My specialty is business contracts and the related challenging negotiations. I can support you in the development and internationalization of your company or its legal function, as well as in data protection and privacy protection issues. I have a CIPP/E (Certified Information Privacy Professional / Europe) certificate from IAPP.

I have worked since 1988 in various international legal, sales and HR positions, e.g. Scanleasing, YIT Corporation,Nokia, Blyk and Fondia. In the years 1995-1999, I worked in Southeast Asia from Singapore. Challenging contracts and negotiations, developing companies and their personnel and operating methods are close to my heart.

I am the chairman of the board of Louhos Solutions Oy and a member of the board of Meltlake Oy.
I am also an active helper of startup companies; practical, innovative and enthusiastic about challenges.
I spend my free time playing sports, fishing, cooking, reading, art and music. I also go for long walks with our dogs Sissi and Farro.

Erkki Hyvärinen

My field of specialty is contract law. Contact me if you need any help with contracts, be it drafting, commenting or help with negotiations – or even lighter sparring. I am especially happy to help with the more comprehensive planning and implementation of contracting related activities with contract policies, contract models and electronic tools.

I am also happy to help in the development of legal matters. Through corporate management team work and commercial work, I have gained a broader understanding of business as well as the ability to plan and implement the company’s legal matters with the company’s management so that legal would support the achievement of the company’s goals – responsibly, with jointly managed risk and as smoothly as possible.

Previously, I have worked extensively in business legal affairs at UL Oikeuspalvelu Oy, which operated in connection with the Finnish Foreign Trade Association, in ICT companies (Sonera, Telia-Sonera and Nokia) and Fondia Oyj. As a corporate lawyer, I did a wide range of things, from contract activities to general counsel duties and management team work. At Fondia, I was also responsible for technology/ICT and internationally awarded service development, as well as for the offering, pricing, sales and marketing in the role of the commercial officer.

Free time includes a lot of exercise, e.g. ice hockey, golf and canoeing. Together with Cora, a rescue dog from Dubai, we go for long walks.

Hanna Kotola

I have more than 20 years of experience handling the legal affairs of globally operating companies, contract negotiations, corporate governance, and the development and supervision of the company’s operating principles. I have also acted as the secretary of the board of a listed company and was responsible for the HR functions of both Polar Electron and Nexstim, while also doing operational personnel management. In addition to legal support for sales and product development, special expertise has been accumulated in company and labor law, finance, HR processes, performance management and change negotiations. I did my second dissertation for the MBA IBM training on “Managing Underperformance”. I have industry expertise in mobile phones and networks, TV and radio broadcasts, sports and wellness, and medical device technology.

My work has taught me to act straight-forward and firm: especially on the personnel side, everyone must be treated equally, equitably, fairly and in the same way. This means that the company’s operating procedures and rules, as well as communication, must be clear and consistent. I have also learned that even unpleasant things must be addressed immediately.

In my free time, I swim, walk in nature with my two dogs, and collect berries and mushrooms.

Katja Oulasvirta

Before joining Laissa’s team, I worked in the anti-money laundering risk management of Nordea’s entire personal business in four Nordic countries. I have worked for the institutions of the European Union, the defense administration, telecommunications and financial sector operators.

In addition to working as a lawyer, I have supported the company’s group management, led advocacy work and risk management.

I am an experienced contract drafter and negotiator. I also have extensive experience in intellectual property rights, drawing up procurement contracts and preventing financial crime.

Päivi Malinen

I have specialized in company law, shareholder agreements, financing rounds, mergers and acquisitions. Let’s talk if you are arranging a financing round or negotiating a merger or acquisition. I am also happy to serve as the secretary of the board or the chair of the general meeting or help you with the drafting and negotiation of various agreements.

I have worked as the CEO and as a board member of a listed company, and I have comprehensive experience in preparing for and completing a listing process. I am happy to support the company’s management in developing legal, corporate governance, risk management and compliance functions in a business-oriented, practical and solution-oriented manner.

Previously, I have worked in legal services sector, in a Big4 firm and in the financial sector in a bank, in an investment firm and in a pension insurance company.

I prefer to spend my free time at cultural events, playing sports and spending time outdoors with our Labrador Retriever Höpö.

Sami Savisalo

I am a seasoned legal professional with 20 years of expertise, specializing in the promotion of growth companies across a diverse spectrum of technologies and IPR-intensive industries. My extensive background includes adeptly reviewing, drafting, and negotiating complex and business-critical agreements, as well as helping portfolio companies and venture capital investors navigating complexities of fundraising initiatives.

Endorsed for my proficiency in finding practical legal solutions to business challenges, I am recognized for effectively communicating complex legal matters in an understandable manner for non-lawyers. My approach is characterized by result-oriented ‘can-do’ attitude, and a professional, pro-active demeanor, all balanced with sound commercial judgment.

Previously, I have worked as Attorney and at Fondia Plc, counselling comprehensively legal matters for numerous client companies.

Apart from my daily job I enjoy contributing to the startup community and engaging in sports activities such as CrossFit and padel.


– Med tech and healthcare

– Biotech, life science and diagnostics

– Deep technologies

– Information technology

– Finance and M&A 

Susanna Mäkelä

With a robust foundation in technology law, my journey has been marked by roles in contract negotiations and strategic legal counseling for executive teams across sales, marketing, licensing, outsourcing, R&D, intellectual property rights, and corporate responsibility. I’ve cultivated a diverse portfolio of expertise, from nurturing an in-house legal team to spearheading policy initiatives. I have honed my skills in the technology sector with companies such as Microsoft and Nokia in Finland, the United States, Japan and Belgium, and I have familiarized myself with topical themes such as cloud services, data management, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

The intricate dance between technology and law captivates me, driving my ambition to forge a meaningful impact on society and support the professions to navigate the relentless tide of technological evolution and its impact to our work. Should the ethical deployment of AI resonate with you, or if you seek broader legal expertise to bolster your endeavors, consider engaging with General Counsel as a Service. Together, we can chart a course towards achieving your aspirations in agile and experienced manner.

Our golden retriever Rina keeps me grounded as we explore the nature together but I also enjoy yoga practice, doing Tibetan bowls, and the immersive worlds of podcasts.

Sanna Saarnia

I am business-oriented and practical legal counsel. I always try to understand the business case, goals and the relevant details behind each agreement or the case at hand. In my view that is the best way to add value to the agreement or other relevant case.  

My specialty areas of expertise are contract law and contract drafting and negotiations (especially R&D agreements, licensing, procurement, and service agreements), intellectual property rights (especially copyright and database rights), open-source software and open data licensing. I am used to developing internal processes and giving trainings of topics on various areas of law. I have worked with questions related to company law, HR and competition legislation. I have been responsible of the privacy matters and I hold the CIPP/E (Certified Information Privacy Professional /Europe) certificate from IAPP.

I have long work experience from international technology companies, attorney’s offices and education field. I have worked in Berlin for more than 7 years. 

In my free time I enjoy most doing different kind of sports and out-door activities as well as reading literature of various kinds.