Mergers and acquisitions and financing.

Do you need additional funding ? Are you considering buying a company or business or an exit? Our experienced lawyers help you prepare for financing rounds or business transactions and support you in the implementation of the projects.

Experienced partner in business transactions and financing agreements

We help you with financing arrangements, funding rounds, mergers and acquisitions, shareholder agreements, incentive systems and other agreements related to company ownership and financing with years of experience and efficiency.

Good planning, well-prepared documents and an efficient evaluation of the object of the transaction (due diligence) help you to be succesfull. We are experienced in business arrangements, know the market practice in domestic and international transactions and support you with our solid negotiation skills.

Do you need help with business transactions or financing arrangements?

Laissa team.

Laissa lawyers have extensive experience in supporting business. We have acted as in-house lawyers and also offered legal services as external service providers.