Development of the legal function.

Do you need help developing your legal function? Maybe you don’t have your own lawyers yet, or your current legal team is already overworked in handling day-to-day matters. We help you develop your legal function, whether you handle your legal matters with your own legal team or with purchasing external legal services or a combination of both.

Development of the legal function - expertise from recruitment to training

Our experienced lawyers who have managed legal departments and teams and worked as corporate lawyers help in the development of legal function and, if necessary, in the recruitment of your own lawyer.

  • We familiarize ourselves with your business and the status of your current legal costs
  • We analyze which legal issues are essential for your company’s business
  • We analyze and present clear proposals to make legal functions more effective and improve quality, for example by means of reorganization, increasing the use of external law firms, and introducing new operating methods and electronic tools
  • We help legal departments with evaluations and measurements
  • We offer mentoring
  • If needed, we also help with the recruitment of lawyers or provide temporary resources

We follow the development of technology and the applicability of new tools in the delivery and performance of legal services. We help companies implement tools that enhance their legal function. We help in preparing the tools and deliver them on a turnkey basis if you wish.

We help companies defining and implementing e-training . We have implemented for our customers e.g. training related to ethical guidelines (code of conduct), competition law and privacy protection. Our tools are also suitable for use by small businesses.

Do you need help developing your company's legal function?

Laissa team.

Laissa lawyers have extensive experience in supporting business. We have acted as in-house lawyers and also offered legal services as external service providers.