Continuous legal support.

Does your company have legal needs, but you do not want to hire in-house lawyer right now? Our experienced lawyers help to organize your company’s legal affairs within your budget.

Legal support for your company - flexible service for your legal needs

Our support is business-oriented and uncomplicated, and it can be flexibly changed when the need for the service changes.

Our support combines the best aspects of your own lawyer and a legal service provider. You get the support of an experienced lawyer tailored to your company’s needs when you need it. Our lawyers do not work alone, but have the support of competent colleagues and Laissa’s tools at their disposal.

We help organize your company's legal affairs

  • We familiarize ourselves with your business, company strategy, ownership base and key risks
  • We analyze the legal needs and challenges relevant to your company’s business
  • We draw up a legal development plan to maximize the your company’s value
  • We plan the resourcing of the service and how the service will be delivered
  • We put the plan into practice together with your company and potential partners
  • We offer electronic tools that make handling legal matters more efficient and we help with their implementation
  • If necessary, we also help you hire your own lawyer or getting legal services form the best specialist. 

We work as a team and you have the extensive expertise of Laissa lawyers at your disposal if required. We can help you when you need temporary support and also when you are looking for continuous legal partner.

This is how the service works

By mapping legal needs based on business goals, we can ensure an efficient legal service. Thereafter we plan together with you the service and how it will be delivered so that legal matters are handled smoothly and efficiently. We combine a personal proactive approach, the use of technology in automation and modeling, and, if necessary, the procurement of external legal services. This ensures that all legal needs are met comprehensively and smoothly.

1. Mapping

Interviews of key persons and familiarization with the main documentation.

2. Modeling

Legal affairs plan, resourcing, modeling, automation and tools

3. Ongoing support

Regular meetings and monitoring of legal matters. Effective support based on a mutually agreed plan.

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The company’s legal support includes


We draw up contracts, comment on them and spar with you. Our service covers sales contracts and terms, agent and distribution contracts, terms of service, employment contracts, privacy statements, personal data processing agreements as well as various other documents and contracts that you may need.

Data protection

We assess your company’s needs and risks and help your company take care of data protection needs, plans and documentation, if necessary together with our partners.

Intellectual property rights

We help you prepare an IPR strategy and assist you in protecting your ideas and business with patents, trademarks and other intellectual property rights, together with our partners, as required. We are an innovation voucher service provider approved by Tekes.

Labor law

We help with legal issues and documentation relating to personnel, organizational changes, performance management and change situations. Laissa lawyers have experience in personnel-related legal matters not only as a lawyer, but also in the role of HR management.

Laissa team.

Laissa lawyers have extensive experience in supporting business. We have acted as in-house lawyers and also offered legal services as external service providers.