Laissa –
experienced. agile.

Does your company need help in legal matters, but you do not want to hire in-house lawyer just now? Laissa offers your company agile support of an experienced lawyer. Our service is business-oriented and uncomplicated, and it can be flexibly changed when the need for the service changes.

Change is the only constant.
Fight it, and I will sue you.

In order to be successful, business needs to react quickly to
changing conditions. We are one step ahead with you.

Our legal services for entrepreneurs and companies

Laissa’s lawyers have extensive experience in supporting business. We tailor a solution that fits your needs at a predictable price. We offer comprehensive legal support in day-to-day legal matters and assist you in individual projects, contract negotiations, personnel matters or business and financial arrangements. Our lawyers have also worked as in-house lawyers, so we understand business challenges.

We are an innovation voucher service provider approved by Tekes.

Why choose Laissa?

Experienced and agile operator

With us, you are always served by an experienced lawyer equipped with effective tools. Things are resolved quickly and practically.

Personal service

You get the service from your own trusted lawyer and you always know who to turn to. We know you and you know your lawyer.


Our goal is to know your company and how it operates. This is how we find the right solutions for the entire business.

News and blog.

In the blog we write about current topics from different areas of jurisprudence. Check out the articles and stay up-to-date.

Laissa team.

Laissa lawyers have extensive experience in supporting business. We have acted as in-house lawyers and also offered legal services as external service providers.